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Accurate and timely accounting information is the most important element for any business to maintain profitability and capitalize on new opportunities. DTA Tax manages your bookkeeping so you don’t have to.

At the beginning of each month we gather all the financial documents from the previous month i.e. bank statements, credit card statement, sales Receipts, Payroll reports, and loan documents. Your bookkeeper will message you to confirm all documents have been received.

• You just want to run your business and let us take care of the back office administrative tasks

•  You pay your own bills and maintain your checkbook

How do we serve you?
• Manage all bookkeeping tasks for you including paying your bills on time
• Monitor your cash flow
• Help you manage multiple demands on your funds
• Give you financial statements
• Allow you to:
        Manage your business
        Stay on top of tax planning
        Maximize cash flow

Note: You will always have full control of all of your funds. You will still have primary control of all of your incoming funds. No payment will be made without your express authorization ( you will sign all checks). You maintain ultimate authority over all of transactions